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Dean & Joy W. - "We have been friends with Larry and Wendy Challis for nearly 20 years and they have assisted use with all of our real estate financing during that time period.  The foremost reason we have worked with Larry and Wendy is that we know that they always put our best interest first in any transaction, they always provide various options and the rationale behind the pros and cons of each option.  Larry and Wendy provide special guidance through the paper work maze always turning the burdensome task into an enjoyable adventure.  With Larry and Wendy we know we negotiated the best deal available.  Larry and Wendy thank you for your guidance and your friendship."

Randy & Debbie H. - Roseville, CA - "Larry and Wendy are true professionals!  After a horrible experience with another lender, we were on the verge of putting our home on the market.  (A home we've lived in for the past 17 years.)  Skipping the typical sales pitches of "no problem" and "oh yes, we can do that", Larry and Wendy rolled up their sleeves and went to work on our behalf.  They carefully evaluated our needs, explored alternatives and came back to us with a package that exactly matched what we were looking for.  The entire process was smooth and we would gladly recommend Cherry Creek Mortgage to anyone seeking professionalism, excellent customer service and spot-on lending solutions."

Mike M. - "It's a pleasure to respond back to you on what a great job Larry and Wendy did for Carla and myself in refinancing our house.  Until we found Larry and Wendy, we had given up the idea that there was any possibility of us refinancing our house and enjoying the lower interest rates that were available.  They actually made it an easy and wonderful experience and I've personally recommended them to a couple of friends already."

Robyn & Justin F. - Roseville, CA - "As first time home buyers, you only dream of having the smoothest loan process possible.  The Challis' educated us on the important details of home loans, which loan would work best for us and why, and took time out of their busy schedules to check in on the home buying process.  Larry and Wendy worked with us for more than 14 months and were ready and willing to help as offers were sent out time and time again.  We can't thank them enough for their constant dedication, experience, and knowledge!  We have since built a relationship with them outside of the mortgage industry - they have become part of our family.  Thank you for everything!" 

Rich F. & Joan B. - "We have had the pleasure to work with Cherry Creek on multiple occasions.  We have been provided prompt, competent and sound service at every step of the process.  These folks are not good; they are the best."

Cheryl - It was a pleasure working with you!  I appreciated the wonderful work you did to get my refinance done.  Thank you for giving me clear instructions, answering my questions, and making the process painless.  Please let me know if you move or RETIRE.  If I should be so fortunate to purchase another home, I would love to work with you." 

Rich H. CFP® - "Larry has helped me with my personal mortgage and subsequent refinance. I was so pleased with his expertise, his service and the competitive products he offered that I have continued to recommend him to my friends, clients and even my mother-in-law! The feedback I get is always positive which, as a financial advisor, I appreciate.  Larry's knowledge, his client-centered approach and the diverse mortgage solutions he continues to offer his clients make him my first stop anytime I have a mortgage need."

Dick C. - "I have truly appreciated and feel fortunate that I picked Larry to assist me with my loan. He really looked out for me and was compassionate rather than just focused n the business aspect. His advice during the process was very helpful."

David - "I am acutely aware that this procedure can be extremely an anxious one for the homeowner/buyer.  Your knowledge and warm, kind (and often humorous) explanations were a welcome relief to me.  You were quick to respond with any question or concern, thus making the situation a very pleasant one.  I do appreciate your honesty and truthfulness which prepared me for the worst possible outcomes (which in my situation was fortunately not the case).  Thank you again for your stellar assistance.  I will not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone who seriously is seeking outstanding service." 

Charlie & Ellen - "We used Larry and were very pleased with the advice, communication, and the service we received from him and his team. The whole process was much easier than we'd anticipated. We'd be happy to use Larry again and have referred our friends and clients."

Arthur - "Larry has processed my loans for the last 10 years. Through good times and bad he has not only been the consummate professional but has come through with the best loan available. His integrity is unquestionable and his humor unmatched. I wouldn't think of using anyone else."

Michael - "I was in the mortgage business for several years and know how difficult it can be to find a true professional that provides the highest levels of knowledgeable and trustworthy personal professional service required to provide a truly exceptional customer experience - and at the best available rates as well. What I have just described is the essence of what Larry Challis brings to the table as an exceptional Mortgage industry professional. So when my 89 year old mother needed to refinance her home recently, there wasn't even an instant of thought of working with anyone other than Larry. The empathy, care and concern he extended my mom throughout the loan origination process were incredible. The documentation required for her loan was extensive, and Larry's patience and ongoing assistance was invaluable in putting everything together for a smooth and fast approval and funding. I have known and worked with many mortgage brokers and originators from my past years in the business - Larry was the best then, and still is. You will be happy you chose Larry as your lender!"

Nancy - "A few years ago Larry helped see me through a very complicated real estate transaction and I found his guidance and counsel to be invaluable at the time. He was not only thoroughly professional, but I knew he had my best interests at heart. Without question, I would recommend Larry to anyone looking for a loan officer knowing that they will be well served."

Mark - "When other Lenders were unable to perform as promised, Larry Challis and his Team at Cherry Creek Mortgage came through for us.  Not only were they professional and courteous, they did their best to get us the best rate and terms.  From start to finish, our loan closed within 2 weeks.  The man is awesome!"

Dave A. - "Larry Challis is my "go-to guy" when it comes to obtaining real estate financing or re-financing.  My experience with him has been consistently positive and I am confident he has always obtained financing for me and my family at the most competitive rates available with reputable financial institutions.  The service provided by Larry and his staff has always been prompt, supportive, cheerful and above all -- helpful!  He is a person in whom I have the utmost trust and confidence."

Ed G. - "My law practice focuses on senior citizens and their estate planning. Occasionally, they require an advisor, not a salesman, to assist them in making reasoned, tax efficient and financially advantageous decision on the merit of a loan against their properties. When that need arises, I call on Larry Challis to provide to them sound financial advice. In an industry marred by commission pushing unnecessary or imprudent loans, Larry stands out as an ethical advisor who guides families through the loan process. He is always mindful of the client's interest and needs, not his own. On many occasions, after consulting with Larry, clients have determined that a loan was not in their best interest. Other times, Larry has assisted my clients with obtaining loans, with my receiving each time a positive report of Larry's professional acumen and personal charm. Without exception, my referring of Larry has resulted in my clients receipt of dedicated, professional assistance from Mr. Challis. For that I am thankful and grateful."

Mike & Denise G. - "Our loan officer, Larry Challis, was extremely gracious and treated us like we were a part of his family.   With his assistance, we were able to quickly get all of the financial information needed and submitted for approval.  Mr. Challis was concise and thorough in answering any and all questions that we had in this process.  With his guidance, we were able to get the loan refinancing that we needed."

Amadeo - "Thank you and your staff for the efficent way you handled our refinance of our Home.  We especially appreciate how well you explained everything you were doing or what you needed from us."

Jack - ""From a personal prospective Larry was instrumental in obtaining a perfect refinance on our house. Our input was minimal and the turn-around was what we were looking for. All in all it was a pleasant experience. I would not hesitate to use or recommend Larry to anyone. From a business prospective Larry has assisted some of the employees from the firm I worked for. As with us he was able to help with some very complicated situations and bring them to a conclusion that was beneficial to the employees. Everyone was pleased with the results.  I continue to not hesitate to recommend Larry to anyone who may ask for help in his field."

J.  Avila - "I have had opportunity to work closely with Larry Challis on more than one occasion including the refinancing and the subsequent selling of my mother home.  His advice and guidance and the subsequent handling of these transactions were very informative and most professional in the structuring of the transaction. There is little doubt he has excellent knowledge and understanding of his business field and the respect he has earned from his peers is well deserved.  He is a pleasure to work with."

James - "It is not an exaggeration to say that I would not be in my home without Larry. There were so many areas where he just didn't take no for an answer and found a way to make things happen. It was truly a pleasure to work with him and his team and I will certainly call upon him again the next time I need a broker."

Lisa - "Very easy and smooth transaction!  We never had to worry about where we were in our loan process.  Larry did an excellent job of keeping in constant contact with us explaining the loan process to us step by step.  Would highly recommend!"  

Bonita L. & Terek B. - "Larry's experience in the mortgage industry becomes apparent the first time you sit down with him to discuss your needs. His ability to listen and truly care provides a human element to an otherwise daunting task for the homebuyer. He takes his time and carefully picks out a loan package that will suit your needs, communicating with you and being completely transparent. The process of communication is so important because of the emotional component of this transaction and we found this to be very helpful in understanding the entire process. We always felt like we were being taken care of and trusted Larry's professional opinion.  Larry is our broker and we will return for his professional care for our future home purchases."

Del - "I have enjoyed working with Larry and his team over the years. He is a true professional and is a pleasure to do business with. I would recommend him and his staff to anyone looking for a competent, professional, and responsible Mortgage consultant now and in the future." 

Testimonials from Loan Officers 

Larry Challis has been my "boss" since 2002. I use that word lightly as he has never treated me as an "employee" but more like a colleague and a friend.  It gives me a sense of security knowing I work for a man of integrity who I can always count on to support and encourage me. He has given me the guidance to succeed but the autonomy to figure out how to do it on my own.  Larry has navigated through the tough ups and downs of the mortgage industry fearlessly. Under his leadership, my business has not only survived but thrived.  Cherry Creek Mortgage Company is a great company that helps me extend the best the industry has to offer to my clients and Realtor partners. Our name is not the most well known in the industry but I am confident that over time, our reputation will speak for itself. I am fortunate to be a part of this growing organization. - Sherene Aslan Gray, Loan Officer

I began my career in the mortgage industry in 2002.  At that time, Larry Challis had re-opened a small brokerage shop and was willing to take a chance on a guy who had never originated a single loan.  By the end of 2003, I had closed more than 200 loans.  Needless to say, it worked out pretty well for both of us.  Through all of the ups and downs in lending since then, I have had plenty of opportunities to work for other companies and other managers.  Many of them offered sexier tools and fancier systems, but I chose to stay with Larry for one simple reason… I trust him.  He has always been fair and honest with me, personally and professionally.   He also supports and encourages me to do what's right for our clients, regardless of the financial impact.  That's huge! Now that we are a part of Cherry Creek Mortgage Company, I am blessed with having the best of both worlds...  the company provides all of the bells, whistles, tools and technology needed to help grow my business AND I still get to work with and for Larry Challis, a man for whom I have much respect.  - Dan McIntire, Loan Officer

I have had the privilege to work with Larry for almost 10 years. After all these years of ups and downs I have always come to trust and respect my boss, mentor, and more importantly my friend. We have seen our business expand and contract however through all this Larry has always put faith in his loan officers and branch. I am grateful for the opportunities that Larry has given me and my business. I am very happy to be part of a professional group of here at Cherry Creek Mortgage. - Sergio H., Loan Officer

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